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pressure fryer cooking chicken

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KFC pressure-fried chicken.The process is most notable for its use in the preparation 160;fried chicken in many commercial 160;fried chicken restaurants.Pressure frying is mostly done in industrial kitchens. Ordinary pressure cookers are generally unsuitable for pressure frying, because they are typically designed for a maximum temperature around 176;C 176;F) whereas oil can reach temperatures well in excess of 176;C (76;F) which may damage the gasket in an ordinary pressure cooker causing it to fail. Attempting to pressure fry using a first generation pressure cooker can be very dangerous.160;Second generation cookers are somewhat safer, but can still be dangerous if proper precautions, like opening fill limits, are not taken.[2]Pressure fryers operate at a lower pressure than pressure cookers.160;The160;gaske160;in a pressure cooker's lid can be melted by boiling oil, which can result in burn injuries to anyone in the vicinity.

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